17 Jun Various times Southsea Common, PO5 3AE

This summer, No.6 Cinema is emerging from behind the dockyard wall and taking the show on the road! In partnership with Portsmouth Festivities, The Incredible Moving Picturehouse is coming to town. It will be located on Southsea Common somewhere along Serpentine Road (it's huge so you won't miss it) and with four screenings throughout the day, there will be something for everyone. Pie and Vinyl will be there to provide sustenance all day.


TRON (PG) 1982 Start time 11:00 (run time approx. 96 mins)

THEIR FINEST (12A) 2017 Start time 14:00 (run time approx. 120 mins)

LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU (15) 2004 Start time 17:00 (run time approx. 120 mins)

JAWS (12A) 1975 Start time 20:00 (run time approx. 124 mins)


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