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About Festivities

About Festivities

Welcome to Portsmouth Festivities!

We are an award winning festival and have been providing cultural experiences in the City of Portsmouth for over 20 years, engaging with multiple audiences in Portsmouth venues and surrounding areas.

There is much to get involved in with events happening throughout the year with a main focus on our 10-day festival in June. We like to make sure that there is something everyone can enjoy, whether it is going to the theatre, or seeing a classic film, to making some art with the family to listening to a variety of music genres, this festival has it covered and more.

Since our launch in 1999 we have grown from 15 events to over a 100 by working closely with cultural organisations and venues around the City of Portsmouth, seeking to give a great experience at all of the events.

We encourage and inspire all to have a platform where they can showcase their creativity through the Community Programme section of the festival so to reach a wider audience.

As a registered charity we rely on sponsorship and receive support from The Portsmouth Grammar School, CH & Co, Portsmouth City Council, Luckett’s Travel, Mayfield School, St Johns College, City Wide Taxi’s.

We also have a large bank of volunteers who support our small core team to deliver our City-Wide experiences, there are many ways to get involved with the Festivities.

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Portsmouth Festivities

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